The Team - Christmas Redesigned for All

During my internship at The Team Brand Design, I took part in the concept development and design for their Christmas 2018 campaign: ‘Christmas Redesigned
For All’.

The concept focused on inclusive design and how this could be applied to elements of Christmas.

I assisted designing the illustrative graphic style that could be applied to each key feature related to Christmas. These graphics were then developed into a series of short GIFs on a countdown to Christmas shared via The Team social media page as well as an animated video shared on LinkedIn.

Inclusive design is the design of the mainstream and services that are accessible to – and usable by – as many people as possible, according to the British Standards Institution (BSI). This ranges from automatic doors, audio descriptions, and Braille, to designing with colours that provide a high contrast between text and background.

My final designs allowed me to utilise the use of imagery and text, pinpointing the tone within each feature of Christmas from The subtlty of a white Snowman, to the melee of mess that is the Christmas dinner. The video can be viewed here.