Informed Design Practise


For this brief, I was asked to develop a personally driven objective/ message and translate it into an appropriate medium for a spatial context. I was asked to create a piece of graphic design that not only simply engages the user but makes them physically interact with it to find out more.

In todays society us women are extremely self-consious and worried about the way we look. Mostly, because of the influences from social media.


#Playboobs is a project that should allow the users to have fun, laugh and explore ways of making their own perception of what a ‘Perfect Boob’ is using the coloured clay and tools provided on the table.

My work was aimed to trigger some of the following actions from the users: Laugh, Smile, Interact.

The final outcome was exhibited at Ecology Pavillon, Mile End, London and at Ravensbourne’s Degree Show 2018.