A Letter To Lydia Newsprint:

For this brief I was asked to design an extended type specimen for one specific Colophon Foundry family typefaces. The typeface that I decided to design my final specimen for was Lydia Condensed Bold and Lydia Condensed Bold Italic. 

I was particulary interested in exploring Lydia as a typeface as I love the fluidity of the strokes in the characters. From reseraching into the history of Lydia I found that it was inspired by an old Calligraphic font keeping some of the same characteristics but developed into a much more modern style

I felt Lydia as a typeface had something traditional and romantic about the way it looks however, is also very modern. Therefore, I thought a way of celebating Lydia in my type specimen could be to gather a selection of iconic movie quotes from both traditional and modern romances.

I decided to keep the final format for my specimen quite large as Lydia particulary works well being celebrated at a large pt size.